The fun never stops when you have the right team with the right things in mind. FUN !!!!


Angus Chen says:

what is this body lotion song??

Ho Stevie! says:

*Big dog big dog big dog*

Vibezz Gaming says:

Kalani I have ur pro model what fines are those at 1:28

Jack Savarese says:


Ligma Balls says:

Sick !

James Ferrell says:

yea big dog

Clay Hatch says:

dude the perfect duo! Robb and Gravy = the DREAM

julian hernandez says:

Where’s this spot at

Loving my 3 ZZZ says:

kalani I remember growing up watching you surf was always a dream of mine to surf with a cool dude like yourself!! for the dream

Catch Surf says:

Party time!!

James Ferrell says:

6:28 kalani all pissed after he sees shreddy get the wave of the morning lol

Simple Life says:

Kalani videos are getting fun, keep up the good work. Aloha!

Finn Petancic says:


Michael DiSabato says:


TONY Cervantes says:

Awsome you guys rock best channel on the tube

Darren Reichert says:

Nice work Kalani! Super nice of you to share so much time with Ben. Awesome footage! Love the slow mo Shaka floater and sweet Barrel angle. You need to get Ben on one of your soft tops. Seem to have a more defined shape and rail. You both rip the tits out of it on those things. You two are a good combo. Would be Mighty cool to see you guys both at the wave pool, with j o b in tow

berniedmj1 says:

I bought a Catch Surf (RNF) because of you, Ben, & JOB. The board is DOPE ASS SHIT G Unit!!!!!

Phil Duclos says:

Always love the wedge madness! Ben was grindin!

Ryan Farmer says:


the alleys says:

Robb has that trippy production style. Dig it.

Ryan Conk says:

7:11 !!!!!! lol my claim to fame. Gotta love Costco Returns!! sick shot

Tyler Rickabaugh says:

You gotta get Benji Weatherley out there!!

DropD says:

Biscuits and Gravy!

BLACK05GO1 says:

I saw Biscuits and Gravy at the first spot. Biscuits was dropping in on that right and then goes out of frame. Fun times

Peak Curiosity says:

hey man.

coco says:

Big dog

judd liliha says:

I move my body, you move your body.

ekphotography says:

Sweet! Are you guys hooking up again before he leaves?

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