Lost “Psycho Killer” Surfboard Review by Noel Salas Ep. 48

In this episode I review the Lost Psycho Killer by Lost surfboards. I test it in two different constructions, PU and EPS Carbon Wrap. Both boards felt good and I did not prefer one over the other.

I test this board in 1-4′ surf and ride it with a thruster, quad, and Two + 1 set up. Each fin configuration had it’s strengths and weaknesses but the Psycho Killer proved to be very versatile in wave height and fin set ups.

This review will show the versatility of the Psycho Killer as I drill down on it’s attributes and see what makes it so unique.

Sit back and enjoy the Show!!!


Dingo Capo says:

damn rocket science, its a surfboard!!!!

Phaidrus says:

some serious shredding in this video

mark doble says:

Love the reviews.
What board did you prefer between this and the Baby Buggy Round Tail?

Vince Gagliardi says:

Noel, What board did you like better at Lowers between the Sampler and the Psycho killer, or are they totally different boards?

Nuno Cunha says:

That board is not very white compared to the one on the back. Great video too. Keep on surfing!

Thomas V. says:

You on fire on that board dude!! Noice!

Hernan Badia says:

Pelado deja de chamuyar. No sabes un carajo

Tom Campbell says:


Theo Hofig says:

Hey Noel love ur videos, I was wondering if u have ever ride the FireWire tomo Evo or the the lost short and round. I’m thinking about getting one of those boards and a few other one but those are the one I’m wondering about if you could do a review on one of those that would be great thanks.

Surfing says:

Surf so good, great style, smooth and flowing!

Catch the Wave says:

As always, great review.
Just my opinion but I find the background with the all the fins a bit distracting as it removes the attention from the board at hand. The older backdrop was a bit cleaner and less distracting, to me, but again thats just my opinion/ a bit of nitpicking.

Looking forward to the next one!


Chris Fan says:

Great episode again! Looks kinda like the rocket 9, especially how you liked the 2 + 1 setup as well. How do you think the two compare? Thanks!

Cameron David says:

Would you guys ever review a small less common brand like quiet flight or geiselman”s boards?

Kitty Smalls says:

Awesome show, just subscribed. Shoots from Carlsbad! Yew

Brandon Lane says:

Hey Noel, I have a 5’7” Voodoo child and love it, but I’m looking to get another Lost board. The Psycho killer and the V3 stealth at 5’6” have the EXACT same dimensions, but which one should I go for? Which is the best paddler, and which turns better (if both boards are Carbon Wrap). Thanks for the help, and AWESOME REVIEW!

Miguel Marquina says:

How does this board compare to the CI rocket 9?

Adam Coyne says:

Killing it as always.it would have been cool to hear the talking heads as your sound track.

Ryan says:

Great review, thanks so much!

noutsmaile says:

Hi Noel,
super review ..
I need your opinion please)
I’m going to order a psycho killer in CW 5.11 and v3 stealth in 6.1 in pu … the v3 for big waves …. or these 2 boards are too similar?
or is it the perfect combo for surftrips?
thank you again Noel

Karl Jakobsson says:

Nice idea with the MR twin fin plus stabiliser! Do you think that would also work on the JS nitro in smaller waves??

Jack Reed says:

Good surfing! Too many boards to choose from in the market. You should consider a video on how you stay fit and thin when not surfing.

Blade Runner says:

once again, great review Noel, great job you do on those boards, the reviews look better and better . cheers

P A says:

Noel you looked much faster and way better speed on your snaps with the “Psycho Killer” than most of your boards. It would be cool if you had a 5 star system rankings for each board including the price etc… Mahalo for your excellent service!

Max ladabaum says:

buying this board for sure

AmirVechter says:

Loved this review !X well-put and very-informative and makes sense of it all ! plus u surfed great on it Noel ! keep em coming 🙂

Scott Horban says:

Noel can surf a McDonald’s tray , and make it look good. Still the guy does an excellent job on these reviews. Sold me on this one. Gotta go find one.

Craig Steven says:

Hey Noel. Kreeg here. Just reading through the comments. Came across the one Camparing it to other boards.. it made me think how you would compare it to the stealth.. obviously the pk has more range.. but as far as say what you get at trestles 90% of the time how would these two boards compare?

Erezdekel Erez123123 says:

Payzel..”sure thing”..you must do this board.amayzing

monkeypawism says:

Title song should have been “Psycho Killer” by Talking Heads – but great review!

The adventures of the Torres Fam says:

Where are you surfing ? I thought you were in southern Cali

Sneekinabout Om' says:

Sick man, as usual. The reviews are getting more tech and more in depth which is ace! I wondered if you guys ever get your hands on Pyzel boards?

dukeflyingcow says:

rad as usual.

Peace Soup says:

Top class review guys. Looks like a sic board!

ryan rowe says:

Thats funny that you say your friends like the quiver killer, I haven’t found one person who has liked it. I thought mine was one of the worst boards I had ever ridden and all my friends that tried it hated it too. My buddies dad had one and didn’t like all the bits that I problems with. Everytime I looked at it I thought it was a sick shape and got hyped to surf then I would take it out and have awful sessions on it. I don’t believe in “one-board-fits-all” shapes anymore haha

RJ Shelsea says:

Noel, I am a surfboard junkie and really enjoy your reviews. I think the footage at the beginning and end are a great way of seeing the way your surf style translates thru different shapes especially when you are narrating your rides. This allows us to see how different boards compare to each other helping us to make solid decisions on our next board. My Psycho Killer in Black Dart tech is on order, cant wait!!! Tell Matt Biolos you get the referral cash on my order! lol. Keep Shredding Brother, best board reviews on the web!!!!

fishskulls76 says:

Awesome looking board, how’s the foil on this? Thin or thick tail? Great work on the show by the way

Rome says:

Thanks again Noel….another great review!

CCRider says:

Qu’est-ce que c’est!

Ant D says:

This looks a lot like the Black Sheep from a few years back.  Did they change more than the color on the large Kolohe fins?

Torrey B says:

Alright Noel..this compared to the untitled and groveller fever ?! Awesome review, as usual

Leigh Wilson says:

I use the MR 2+ 1in a Slater Design Si-Phi over summer small waves and they are great. Quick & loose. They still hang in up to shoulder-head height. Well worth having on hand.

andyirons2 says:

sick reviews man…do a dms supercell review such an awesome board

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