Learning Longboard Reverse 180 Take-Off

Atua learned hands free reverse takeoff the other day. As usual he filmed it so here it is for anyone learning this surfing trick
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Digby Gallop says:

Q&A what’s your favourite challenge you’ve done so far?

Andrei Florea says:

I love Ki’ili!!! I have 11-12 years too!

Alex123 sup says:

u should do a series about learning to long bord

Keep_ It_cool says:

Do more long boarding

Keagan says:

I’m the only one in my school who surfs…I get made fun of but I don’t care I love surfing but sometimes it’s hard to not let it get to you. What should i do

luke Dijkstra says:

Super cool fun video vlog 🙂
Like 🙂

Henry The dog says:

Do a vid on how to stand up for beginners I know it sounds stupid but I just started and can’t get it I don’t know if you need to do a push up, go onto your knees because I always either barrel role or just go to slow as soon as I stop paddling thanks anyway you are amazing at surfing Pura Vida

Jen Mansfield says:

That was cool

Kristen Kay says:

Yes 2:28!!!

Oscar Ryan says:


Team Twisted says:

zyou spelled reverse wrong

Shane Machado says:

I have friends surfing down there right now. Please ask around at the guys down there and ask if there from Santa Catalina Island California

Anonymoose says:

That’s a *crazy* move! It looks totally unforgiving, like you either do it exactly right or you’re drinking ocean. LOL

Ho Stevie! says:

*Epic move!*

noah pitones says:

Can you guys surf a double wave? Going from the front wave to the wave right behind you. That would be awesome

Paddy Cartwright says:

Hey guys love your stuff! I’ve been renting boards everytime I surf and I am about to buy one. My natural thought is to get a minimal as I probably couldnt handle a short board. Is there any argument to say that I should get a shortboard and learn to handle it, as ultimately that’s what I want to be surfing eventually?? Cheers guys keep it up!!

David Hewlett says:

Crazy question…why do it? It is a good point scorer in competition surfing…or just because you can?

Aidan Johnston says:

Could you add in you paddling out in the next voice overs?

Jack Lamble says:

This is so awesome

Ben Fritz17 says:

Please use this in your next Q&A- can you do anything to prevent ripping out your fin box. Your channel is awesome

K surf says:

Alright! ,nice job Atua!, Also great longboard video!

Vin Vogel says:

Congrats, Atua! Great video! I’ve recently started surfing on a 8 feet longboard, and would love seeing more longboard videos 🙂 Could you give us some safety tips on how to have more control over the board, like holding it when a bigger wave is coming or after having caught a wave and avoiding to hurt other people? Also: if you end up not catching the wave and you’re still on the board, how do you quickly turn around? Thank you so much!

Nils Bachmann says:

Have you guys ever been stung by a bullet ant? I’ve read they’re common in Costa Rica…

Sophie Brock says:

Is it best to learn 180s on smaller boards? I’m 4 ft 11 n learning an 8 ft board. Still a foamie rider but been on green face before n wanna again.

The Stickdog says:

Why am I always early

homer simpson says:


In the Dawg Pound says:

That was really cool………. this video footage was amazing……… the mounted GoPro showed well how you moved on the board to do the 180……….. Mike

Sean Ross says:

bro do u noseride?

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