Ki’ili Wipeout & Surfboard to The Head

If you surf long enough you will eventually get a surfboard related injury.

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surfersantaGoogle says:

Example of why you might want a helmet when surfing.

Denise Calfo says:

Ki’ili – I feel like I’m watching you grow up through these videos. You are so awesome 🙂 And I’m so sorry you got hurt. To hear you in pain, and I think, crying, in the Go Pro footage after the wipeout was so upsetting. I’m so sorry! I hope you and your dad talk more about what you should do afterwards if/when something happens again – just concerned that you walked home alone.  Maybe better to just have someone get your dad next time, have him come to you, even if you think at the time ‘I’m ok.’ Cause I know sometimes when we are hit, we don’t really realize what  just happened

J Smith says:

Cover your head with your arms as you go down and come up out of the water

ghsjd bushsj says:

i’m 11 and one time i was surfing a beach and dropped in late but i stood up quick and went over the falls but i landed on my board and snapped my fin on my thigh

Mayhem Games says:

i was surfing in north devon and i got a board to the heel and head. i popped up and bottom turned(on a smaller wave for practice) and a kid dropped in on me and crashed straight into my heel. I fell off my board and he went straight into my head. luckily for me, he was on a foamie… it still hurt tho

ice man says:

SO glad you are ok Ki’ili!! Don’t let it scare you … accidents can happen anywhere, as you know! You are in more danger slipping in the shower!  – just be careful 😀

goofy 29f says:

I wish you a good recovery.

Ming Song says:

Luckily I’m still on foam board

blank blank says:

Ki’ili is so fine like how old is she

Kai Oliver Böhnke says:

Happy to see you doing well, Ki’ili ! Please let the doctor have a look, to me (not a doctor) it seems a stich or two should be good.
And do’nt forget to sterilize the wound – a body cream also helps.

Thatwild says:

Love you giysss

Max's Garage says:

i took a wave too far in on some pretty gnarly beach break. was my first time surfing the spot, small day, only way to get a wave was to be sitting pretty far in and ride it all the way. If you didn’t kick out just right it blew up on you. Well it blew up on me, my first wave of the day, and board went straight to my head. Wasn’t bad luckily but a reminder of you want to keep space from your board and be aware of your surroundings all the time.

Brenna Bowen says:

I surf a cisurfboard and I took a hit to the head it looked just like yours

Blake SD says:

I love the beach and surfing. I actually do those things on my YouTube channel. 🙂

Thom Roberts says:

hope you feel better ki’ili

Na Na says:

And there was an online article in one of the surf mags recently discounting/mocking the use even of nose guards. As someone who’s taken a few blows over the years with and without I can tell you which does the most damage and a collision with a swimmer or person in the surf doesn’t bar thinking about without one.

André Neves says:

I took my board on the corner of my mouth and now I have a mark for the rest of my life ☹️…

M Muscarello says:

Pls upload

Chet's Jug says:

glad you’re okay baby girl 🙂

Evan McLeod says:


Shemar says:

Poor thing ..

Carlos Becerra says:

Ki’lil you were so brave and reacted very quickly and headed for safety , i had a freakish accident with another surfer in Lombok/Indonesia when i was still learning. It wasn’t my fault however guys it so true we should all look out out for each other, in the water. When i had my accident and got hit in the forehead and knocked off my board this particular surfer made sure i was ok. Great tips keep calm guys( hard to do, concentrate on your breathing slow it down), try and surf with other people around you so if you get hurt someone will make sure your ok, lets have fun and look out for each other!

Joey Gale says:

i just split the rail of my surfboard open yesterday with my head 🙂

josh says:

Haha thought of you guys and this video after I recently copped some fins to the neck and ear ! Also copped a blue bottle jellyfish sting to the face two days ago. Surfing is intense haha

Mark Ehrhardt says:

So glad Ki’ili is ok now!

Jim says:

Sorry for the injury Ki’ili! I don’t surf hard but still got a cut on my cheek bone from the tail of my hybrid board. It is a swallow tail with a sharp edge and after a fall I gave the leash a tug & it came flying at me before I could duck. I know leashes are not specifically for safety but they do have that effect often. Lately a lot more people are not using them and loose boards are becoming more of a problem even at beginner beaches. It does happen but thankfully not that often. Very good tips and thanks for the vid.

Sofia says:

i miss you guys

ooDriveoo says:

This is so heart shattering, I am glad she is ok. Thank you for sharing this experience for the benefit of safety. Whenever I wipe out, I tend to dive deep covering my head with my arms until the white water passes. I then grab my board and try to swim out. Are there any standard practices to prevent boards bouncing back to your head?

E Long says:

How scary! Glad you’re ok!

Kristen Kay says:

Ki’ili I’m so sorry to hear you got hurt. It’s very unnerving!
I took a board to the face a few months back and now have a scar right above my eye. It split my face open and was bleeding profusely. i wish I had covered my head & also I wish I had gone in sooner. I had surfed for about 4 hours and was tired. Surf accidents happen and I know I’ve been a bit shy about surfing that break with that board.

I’m just so glad you are okay! Do you feel hesitant at all since your accident?

fatin shafiqah says:

hello buddy. ive almost watch every episode from your youtube channel. I had 3 big problem in surfing. hope you can help me. give a guide or make some teach video.

1) I have problem in take off in sharp time. can you teach me how to take off properly. what time to take off and all.

2) take off to left or right. how to do it? can you explain it.

3)shortboard. im 5’9″ 77kg. now im using 6’2″ x 18 3/4 x 2 3/8. what do you think if I change board to 5’10” x 20 x 2/12. more shorter and more wider and more thick. is it will be hard for me?

Brian Fuchs says:

Ki’ili how old are u ur surf skill is amazing

JurisicSantiago says:

Last year I got hit by my surfboard in my abdomen and ran out of air! I was really desperate and deorientated, such a horrible experience. I’m glad she’s okay by now!!! Stay safe and have fun

Charlie Dunn says:

You are a great family. The love just flows. Thanks so much for helping Jack out. Peace!

Jeofry Palacios says:

Thanks for the good advice man!

Miguel Baptista says:

when i wipeout i usually protect my head with my arms

James DeCarli says:

I am an injury epidemiologist in prevention. I have a little girl who I have taught to surf and do many sports. Watching this and hearing her somewhat moaning in fear and being hurt and scared I could not listen to that part. Safety it important and I am pleased you are discussing this. Anytime you are hit in the head, if you are dizzy it is best to see a local lifeguard or see a doctor. If this is not possible take an aspirin, but anytime you feel dizzy its best to see a doctor after. Trying to cover your head is the best protection, but sometimes not possible. I had an incident where my board came up from under the water and slammed me into my ribs and was injured for several weeks. As for asking for help, yes always anyone will help you if you need. I am glad you were not hurt more serious. Thanks again for posting this. All the best. Keep surfing. Ride safe, especially beginners, learnt o steer and watch for surfers in front of you paddling out.

xavier pulito says:

I’m in Maui and I got a huge cut on my shin from my fin just trying to get passed a crashing wave

• IxMrPurplexI • says:

I’ve missed your videos, so glad your back! And a hello from England

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