How to Make a Longboard (Shortboard/Cruiser) -06

How to make a solid wood shortboard/cruiser longboard. Its made from solid maple and cherry. I used some recycled skateboard wood as inlays on the nose and tail. The final dimensions of the board are 7.5 inches (193mm) wide by 24 inches (607mm) long and 1/2 inch thick.

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Nikki says:

Lean your board vertically against something for it to dry. You wont get nearly as much pesky wood beads. I think it also makes the bond stronger. But I could be wrong. Regardless, your way worked just as fine.

Justin Hamilton says:

Love your work looks so elegant and done with class

Hassaan Muhammad says:

Can you make it out of one single board

Jay Bates - Woodworking Videos says:

Great job man.

monster Maes says:

Beautifully designed!! Excellent craftsmanship!!!

Владимир Путин says:

This time I’ll use woodprix instructions to make it myself 🙂

Dave Pelcher says:

Awesome video, would love to see a long board being made.  Do you make any with curves?

Baaconstrip says:

How would you do if you had to bend the tail and the nose ? (and the deck ?) Cut through the wood and carve it ?

Brian Gingerich says:

You should show us how it works! Great looking board I love the inlays, very cool!

Kelp Forest says:

Nice one! Have to point out that when gluing-up you should spread the glue and alternate the clamps for a tighter bond. Finished product looks great!

Easter Stedman says:

Great to see that… I made it too. Using woodprix handbooks 🙂

Remington Mcneese says:

Just google WoodPrix 😉 I made my own thanks to WoodPrix instructions 🙂

Garenne01 says:

I like this old school board. Very good job. What is the width of the truck ?

Rosrina321zzvv123 Watizzvv0123456789 says:


Matt Lane says:

Very Cool!

Jeffrey Kuhn says:

Neat looking Cruiser, good work!

Jamie Aubrey says:

Where did you get your template from? did you draw it?

monster Maes says:

Great craftsmanship!!

Ok Ok says:

This is so awesome

Him and I 2001 says:

man this is cool and Jay Bates commented on it!! thats even cooler!!

jo black says:

Kick ass ! Your work is super !
Loved your videO to
Thank you

Prince Philipp Ray says:

Hey 🙂 cooles Video ! würde mich sehr über euren Support meines Longboard Kanals freuen 🙂 SUB 4 SUB

Nick DeMartino says:

Nice job man. I love how you worked in old skate decks

Make Something says:

The Long Island Longboard!

MattCarl says:

Nice work man!

Jemmy Sheng says:

After watching your video, I also want to make a skateboard now!

Eric Lindberg says:

That looks pretty sweet. I want to do one where I steam bend wood boards and make a pattern like you did so I could have that tail bend.

Ignas Kurtinaitis says:

what is the thickness of your board?

OMG_its_FOOD says:

really nice deck

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