How Long Does It Take To Paddle Out?

Gopro full paddle out without cuts by request. How long does it take to paddle out

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Bodhi Pinkoski says:

Can I have her board

RonnieBavs says:

I want to paint my board but a lot of videos I see say I have to sand it. I sanding the fiberglass dangerous, and Is painting it a good idea?

TheodoreJay says:

Good to see you back out paddling. 🙂 How’s the neck healing ?

Josh Penton says:

Paddle outs can be easy or difficult, here in socal, especially when there’s swell, it can take forever to paddle out at some of the beach breaks. I’ve been paddling for 15 minutes straight just to get out to the lineup. But other times you’ll get right out in 2 minutes.

Mr. Anonymous says:

Worst flying ever and worst views ever

Succulent.slimezzz says:

Can you please show us how long it takes when you don’t wait for the set to pass?

Liam Wray says:

I love the duck dive clips

Jesus Christ says:

everyone rubs sand on there board… -_-# you aint special.

Stiv Isaj says:

Lick the lens it helps for a while

Nik Fwrguson says:

How come the waves in your older vids look a lot bigger then now?

Jonah Levy says:


Dark Antique says:

I moved on to short board which is 5’10 rusty. Which is pretty small in width compare to the one i’ve been using which was wave storm 8′ ft. And i noticed that my whole body sinks when i sit on to this shortboard. Likewise, even to pop up its hard as i try standing up, the board sinks with the weight of my body. I weigh 165lbs and am 5’6. What should i do?

Skeptical Port says:

What beach is this

Oscar Lefeuvre says:

Do you think you guys could have some 2.0 surfing techniques? 🙂

Luke Wilkinson says:

Love the real time video – where I surf in Malta it takes about 20 minutes to get out back the period is so short

lee corn says:

wow are you in costa rica

john brown says:

That’s a bit of a cliffhanger with the drone crash Atua, let us know on your own channel if all is well and how it made such a hard landing. Nice video, you lucky people, I used to be into snowboarding when I lived in Austria so I’ll check out the “Snow Birds” later. Pura Vida!

Secr3t says:

Hey iSURFTRIBE i need some help with my cutbacks here lately when i try to make a strong cutback the board sort of slides and i fall and that kinda sucks if the wave still got a long line because here where i live sometimes it takes 2 hours for a good set to show up

M Mckissack says:

You should get a skim board. Stay in the shore break…after you improve, you can cruise out to the big waves. No need to paddle out…

Lincoln Norton says:

MY spot has an actual channel lol and mine is farther out

Richie neu says:

Your commentary is so damn boring omg

Ellie Baker says:

Do you wear a chest Mount?

Владимир Путин says:

Go to woodprix page if you want to learn how to build it yourself

izhar says:

putting an animal through a rodeo everyday is worse then getting it to the slaughterhouse..


GoPro definitely makes the waves look smaller.

DaJoker808 says:

Hey I think that’s my friends wife’s kid. If that’s him he actually poked his gut out with his razor long ago

John Lyons says:


rick clendenin says:

I like when it’s not very big but my hair stays dry all the way out and sometimes after a wave or two. Not a goal but cool to me when it happens.

aqchino 08 says:

last time i went to santa teresa we paddled out for 25mins or so…. big swell…. i got out… my friend took the walk of shame… 🙁

SomeUrbanNinja says:

what drone is it?

Pacific Coast says:

This was pretty cool I like the uncut videos. Keep up the good work!

iWantVid says:

Ok, I’ve watched enough of your videos. My family and I need to come down to that beach break. Where is it? If you want to private message me, let me know.

Roberto Charron says:

I wanna see footage of Mo’e surfing some waves

kusinagi says:

nice, thanks for making this video

Tiego Garcia says:

Is it always that low tide there?

Not a Sage says:

i still can’t actually duck dive. a couple times I’ve tried a sort of duck where you sit on the front half of your board and just lean forward as much as possible, but the wave always eats me anyway. so when theres a day with a decent size, unless I time it right, its always a massive struggle for me to get past the breaking waves

luke Dijkstra says:

cool nice video 🙂
Like 🙂

ConorTXC says:

Is this in Hawaii

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