Fins Backwards Surfing – Stupid Surfing EP4

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Another episode to our “Stupid Surfing” series. Atua puts his fins in backward and goes for a surf to see how it works. Make sure to let us know any crazy ideas you might have for our next videos.s



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Jon Seadog says:

We all saw the dog right? 1:20

P&Wengineering says:

With the fins backwards, ride the board backwards. Fins first

Sub to Reuben Truter Soccer says:

Tried this it is so fun but weird thanks for your video

Barnaby _3101 says:

ty putting fins at the front  of your board from England

STSx says:

do a video on how to duck dive

Alex Johnson says:

Surf with every thing on the board backwards

F- cis says:

Try to surf with skateboard wax

Kristoffer Linder says:

futures screw is in the front, not the back 😉

Cludo says:

Surf with no arms (after the pop up)

Captain Curly says:

Where is this place, it looks amazing to surf, I would love to go!

Myron Stoltzfus says:

Lol the dog hops out of the bushes at 1:20

Lukas says:

It looks so weird!

Owen Fam says:

what was duck diving with ur fins backwards

Luke the Duke says:

Try surfing a short board backwards

Ryan Reid says:

Isurftribe u should do soap instead of wax

Jinkinson sasa says:

Awesome kids, so much fun

dino andino says:

love this chanel

the gamer says:

surf your board upside down

Theodore Harmon says:

Try surfing with your leash on you other foot or with it on your hand

Rien B. says:

“It’s like you have a parachute in the air behind you.” : kitesurfing

_ TAYLOR says:

Try surfing with a bag of rocks on your back or something

Ellie Johnson says:

Surfing with socks?

mtb is life says:

wax on bottom of board

Taylor McQuiggan says:

You deserve way more subscribers!

Joshua Levin says:

Surf with no fins

Luke Smith says:

Ace Ventura reference at the beginning. Like if u get it

Crazy Media says:

U guys r the best I wish the waves in my country where bigger

Rocco Latour says:

Who saw the dog in the background if u did leave a like on this comment

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