Down To His Last Surfboard

Can’t Remember the last time Atua Surfed his longboard. Today is a vlog day, some surfing, some hiking and some breathtaking drone shots.

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Narly_Blue says:

Glad I know Spanish

Anonymoose says:

When you read the possible side effects of a lot of today’s medications, they will scare the pants off of you! I had a doctor put me on blood pressure and cholesterol meds six years ago, because they were “sort of a little bit on the high side.” I took them for a month and felt like a zombie, then read the lists of side effects, and I was right there. I took myself off of both of them, adjusted diet and exercise a little, and got the same effect, without the chemicals. I hope your approach works for you. And YES, protein is vital, and can easily be deficient in a purely vegetarian diet, to the point of being detrimental to your health.

GAAAAA!! I remember the floating beer cozy on Shark Tank! I thought it was a great idea!

juan hecht says:

Do u speak spanish?

Guy Christie-Miller says:

And hope you’re neck gets better bro

surferbob says:

My dietician is always on me about protein. Have you looked into acupuncture? I hear it is great for a lot of things.

Kane Aylward says:

Amazing drone footage

Thedirtygardenhoe says:

Turmeric is also a natural anti inflammatory and I have taken a pill of that as well as a pill my very active fit husband told me about for my ddd and it’s called “glucosamine chondroitin WITH MSM” that was like a magic combination. They say also take it with a fish oil supplement but those are like horse pills so I just try to add it in my diet or coconut oil instead. I noticed huge differences in pain and range of motion when I took the glucosamine chondroitin msm and the turmeric. Also stay super hydrated so your joints stay hydrated and possibly using a foam roller to roll out your back and neck. Hope you are already feeling better as this is a few months old, if not maybe this helps.

Xahiru7 says:

The drone footage looks amazing! Really profesional! I loved the spanish fail! Hahahahaha Saludos desde España!

Jim says:

Nice video – lot’s of insight into what’s going on with all of you. The connection to the earth’s energy through the ocean is really awesome. A friend at work (engineer) who started studying medicine would say a vegetarian diet is good but some animal protein helps keep things in balance. Don’t have an opinion one way or the other – just sharing. I hope it continues to improve and I agree – drugs are way too easily offered up without consideration of what the longer term effects might be – especially in the US. Nice to see the kids surfing in my sized waves! Mind may be willing but the old bod struggles! Anyway nothing against short boards but for me long boards rule! Again, all connection to the ocean is good! Thanks and looking forward to more vids.

BRODY says:

how far away do you live from the ocean?

Bodhi O'Connell says:

Hey! You should have the groms try surfing with out leashes!

like if you agree

Bodhi Zaffa says:

Hey, Maybe look into spinal decompression techniques to help you neck. I know a lot of guys get back neck and spine problems from doing jiu jitsu and I’ve heard some great stories about this helping a lot with trapped nerves and collapsed disk, helps me with lower back pain too! Maybe worth a shot!

thefrontpage says:

Please remember that when you do videos for the public–take off your sunglasses. When you do videos, speak, act, communicate, do vlogs, speak in public, speak on videos, to anything public on videos or in person–TAKE OFF YOUR SUNGLASSES. Being able to see a person’s eyes in public, in acting and in videos is one of the key things in communicating and doing videos, and when you appear in your videos wearing sunglasses, that impacts and immediately decreases the quality of your videos. Take off the sunglasses when you host videos for the public.

gottalikeit2010 says:

‘This is the english clip…….’ that’s why I keep watching!

Jakes POV says:

hey +isurftribe I was wondering what board should I get. something cheap, I’m 4’10. I’m BEGGINER/INTERMEDIATE

Divine Knights says:

hey zonk XD, i saw the ep on shark tank. you actually did pretty good and scored a deal, hope ur business is doing well m80

Duarte Sousa says:

Hi brother, love your channel:) Is what keeps me sane on this working days.
Regarding your pain, health and diet I would like to help.
Pain= try (by the way i’m not this guy) but this streching technics are the best
Health= Read the book Primal blueprint by Mark Sisson (65 years old and rip, is important how old the autors are, or else nothing mach our age.)
Diet= Is simple but there so many confution in the net that I prefer to talk to you directly.
by the way I don’t change anything just want to share my finding on this last years and the results so you can keep doing this videos and of course some surf bro:)

Ho Stevie! says:

Turmeric golden paste, load up on it as a natural anti-inflammatory

Julie Arsenault says:

Bone broth. Saved my life. Not saying it will help you. but look it up. I’m a vegetarian as well. But this is the only animal product I take. Since it really helps.

Ryan C says:

try fish oil pills!!

Ryan P says:

Chiropractor mate, that’s what you need. i have 2 bulging disc in my lower back i have sciatica, numbness in my bum cheecks pain in my balls, was told i have degenerative disc disease aswell, at times i couldn’t look down to pee in the morning without falling to my knees. Chiropractic gives me relief and after intense treatment 3 times a week i feel like brand spanking new, you will have to do it 2-3 times a week for about 5-6 weeks then once a week or a fortnight will be enough to keep you all lined up. I’m an Aussie Carpenter and looking into taking up surfing to strengthen my core…which is how i found your channel.

Donny says:

gotta admit Atua is a off the chain cool surfer. dude

Darren D says:

Hi guys, love the channel! Quick one on the GoPro battery life issue if you haven’t been told already… I’ve had this problem before in the past and find if you take the battery out and put it back in again it tends to fix it! Hope this helps, keep up the good work!

Carla-Tanya Kochmann says:

Really nice video log today. I love the home/family energy of it. The bit about just how good it is getting out on the water is wonderful. I get usually cold water and winter swells most of my life with just bits of warm water at spots in Hawaii or Florida from time to time but it’s all so good. Beautiful family. Beautiful world. Thank you for the great shares.

Frank McQuade says:

I own a spice shop here in the states, turmeric is the new super root man, I’ll hook you up with some great ground turmeric
let me know man

Tyler Alexander says:

What’s the name of your guys surf business? I really want to come visit and surf those beautiful waves

Tomas Klimas says:

What camera and lens do you use?

My Domain69 says:

HAHAHA LOVE THE WHOLE no no no that’s for another segment this is the English version haha that’s great!


First…please…what is your name?  Second as to medications and your view point…I totally agree with you.  Good luck with that…..  hope you get back on the board.

Shane Price says:

smoke weed bro it will literally make your life so easy with all of its medical purposes I have chronic pain in my elbow and wrist and with cannabis I almost forget that there’s anything wrong with me

Myles Ridgway says:

getting my new new surfboard tomorrrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nathan Cox says:

what camera are you using with the telephoto lens??

SurfingSky says:

Q&A so you have to wash your fiberglass board after every session

VanderWorld Channel says:

Inversion table

Frewuill Rodriguez says:

I watch your videos, keep the good work. Just a little advice (if you let me), try to not change camera lens on the beach, it can get sand inside the camera and could create problems later.

Aidan _ says:

Can you do a house tour?

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