Atua Reviews His New surfboard & Pouring Syrup On The Road

Atua’s surfboard review & Interesting fact here in the wild wild west of Costa Rica is we pour syrup on the road.

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Thedirtygardenhoe says:

I love these videos!

J.T.W Gaming TV says:

she is cute

Tito Huezo says:

Hey what is the name of your surf spot?

Angus Parker says:


luke Dijkstra says:

cool fun video vlog 🙂
Like 🙂

Kristen Kay says:

thanks for sharing the board comparison

Julian Williams says:

the reason its harder to do sharper cutbacks on your newer board is because its a quad…

Isak says:

btw do you like chicken poo

Liam Wray says:

Do you read the comments

Sally Beth says:

Wow! Another great video. Molasses indeed!! Another great Tico tip! PURA vida y aloha

eL3ctric says:

you guys are fun!

Surf Shack says:

Please come along and watch my videos similar to isurftribes videos also love your videos

Griffin Glenn says:

Please make more longboard videos!

Bulldog97656 says:

Thruster fins for the sharp turns bra!!! Atua you rip!!! and your dad is a legend. My favorite channel on you tube(:

sadubone says:

do you ever surf under a full moon?

Rhys Burlton says:

Loved the bit when you packed your stuff it looks really good but if your going to do it again remove some of the wires in the background

Jovi. Scooter bmx says:

Or my girl Mackenzie Moore

Legen Dary123 says:

Duck tape tape to your board and try surf

Anthony Giangaspro says:

I find that when you buy a five-fin board, it is VERY important that you try all fin set ups before you get too comfortable in one of them. You never know what might work for you in a new board

Jovi. Scooter bmx says:

Shout her out please

Geoffrey Ames says:

Oh Pops! What have you done? LOL – Happy Birthday!

Daniel Lin says:

yo probs because u riding the ripper as a quad so its not as snappy as u want it to be

The Stickdog says:

I think anyone would get sick if they ate that much

Taco_Paco says:

omg hi guys you have inspired me to surf and I live on Oahu Hawaii so thank you very much I love you guys thank you

Bryan Magana says:

ur daughter is fine and cute

Jovi. Scooter bmx says:


Matt Keller says:

Getting a strong “Cribs” vibe from that slow-mo

Josie Girl says:

hi i am a begginer but not i can get out the back duck dive and get waves but i need to know that bourd is good for me

Ho Stevie! says:

Haha go big on that cheat meal!

Matt Levy says:

Try it as a thruster

Georgia ANDERSON says:

are you guys coming to vidcon this year?

Nick Boeyen says:

Hi iSURFTRIBE KEEP MAKING VIDS you have improved my surfing so much and you are awesome

Jack Riley says:


Waxfoot says:

The quad is the reason your new board doesn’t turn as fast. Try it as a thruster mate

Jake says:

try your new board as a thruster, it will be better for sharp cutbacks

Rhys Burlton says:

Why did kili discontinue her channel

Liam Rodriguez says:

May I ask where you are going to surf today in the afternoon?:)

That short Kid says:


Alex Briggs says:

Why don’t they just put down bitchaman or cement

Alex says:

Good videos can u come to London

launchpad.Kid says:

hey guys its my birthday can i get some likes plz?

ray rowe says:


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