An Alaia, a Small Surfboard & Even Smaller Waves – Still Pure Fun

As promised a little Alaia surfing filmed from the beach but on tiny summer waves.

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Gabriel Kelly says:

Costa Rica looks so beautiful. I hope you’re feelin 100% really soon. Thanks for making merry vids, I enjoy my 5 minute holidays to sunny waters.

Secr3t says:

if those waves are small then on a normal day here we have a tiny day…

GoldCoastFishingTV says:

Hey guys, I just wanted to say you guys have inspired me to surf and you are the only people I learn from and I’ve won 5 comps so far, thanks for the good tips

ZD3 says:

Get new surfboards please

Liam Rodriguez says:

where are you guys surfing in Costa Rica? How are your favourite breaks called? would love to meet you in the water one day❤

Hayley B says:

My Resolution is to surf a lot more and get better at it

Sean Denney says:

Mo’e how many liters do you surf in your performance boards!? Pura Vida mae!

Jared Wilson says:

If you guys ever come to the Central Coast of CA you should check out the spots and hit me up.

Tropic Logic says:

I’m a new tropical edit YouTube account it would mean the world if you guys could check me out , I love ur videos Shakas

Smp21 Smp21 says:

Atua should surf witches rock

huh lee says:

New years resolution I’m buying a house in costa rica…

Kid in Adventureland says:

what sunblock do you use

3diabolos says:

what is the size of the Alaia?

U VLOGS says:

i wana get 10 k subs

Former Porno Addict says:

Thanks for videos guys – always informative. I have a video suggestion. Could you cover what a waterman is and some famous waterman throughout history.

Work Out says:

For new years im going to work out every day, no excuses, eat clean and get in great shape!

Josh Penton says:

Have you guys tried the Hurley surf club yet? I just tried it for the first time this week and It’s super cool to get video coaching from pro coaches. I know you are basically a surf coach but sometimes it’s cool to get a second opinion. You should try it and make a video about it or something.

aiden Costa says:

hey guys would you be able to try surf with a different fin in each fin box and see what happens

Woodland Knight says:

I am a new subscriber and I’m in love, your videos are awesome and I’ve been wanting to learn to surf I’m 15 and I was wondering where u guys live and also how old is atua , sorry if I butchered his name lol 🙂 ~ new happy subscriber

Emmanuel Balascak says:

Have you guys read the article on Surfer mag whither the thruster. It’s a great article about how thrusters are now becoming an old thing and longboard fishes and other types of surfboards are becoming the new funner surfboards for the majority of waves around the world. I think in that and I think that few people agree with me that if maybe you guys made a series about teaching a tour how to longboard probably or getting some kind of hydrofoil maybe your channel would appeal to more people because it would appeal to all types of surfers not only to the short borders. Just some advice and I think you should read the article on surfer magazine

Ethan O'Hara says:

ur family is awesome

luke wilkinson says:

Love it guys

Timothy Boggs says:

I want you to reply to this comment

Griller Memstar says:

to surf every day I can is my resolution

Theodore Harmon says:

Does atua and Kili argue

TheLdrocks12 says:


Jack Dods says:

Try surfing one fin (back fin) and the fin backwards

Geoffrey Christison says:

My New Years resolution is to get closer to God and to go barefoot more-no matter the weather.

Kyle McCarron says:

id really like to gain 20 kgs of lean muscle mass by 2018

ShockWaveYT says:

Are you guys in Costa Rica? If so I just got back from there in august, I was in uvita

ES P says:

Yes guys what a life you have! Atuna looks like a really nice young man, gunna be a ruthless shredder when hes older. Enjoy the twix! Sending positive vibes from the UK.

Rob Ticknor says:

do more from the beach footage

Anthony Giangaspro says:

I love how you consider the waves you are surfing small. Here in florida that is a big day hahaha keep up the great work guys!

Ligitment Mtv says:

Try surfing a simboard

Play Tv says:

Dear Atua Mo’ei love your vids i live in Australia and me and my family want to move and we made a deal if we move near u can u please say the town/city u live in please and #ISURF4LIFE thanks i hope u read this

Josh Penton says:

I agree! You need a barrel on film atua!

Rich_Tea_15 says:

Hey guys, I’m just getting into surfing and live in England, so weather isn’t really great and surf isn’t particularly consistent. I’ve just bought a new board after getting bored of hiring foamies and was wondering whether or not you’d advise putting my base wax on now, and leaving it on until I’m about to use it, which could be up to a month or more, and putting on my temp wax. Just wondering because I don’t want to waste my wax but I thought it might be best to be left on in preparation. Thanks

Mattoonz says:

My new years resolution is to subscribe to this channel, and it has come true.

Garrett Butler says:

Welcome to surfing Florida sized waves

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