Alaia Shaping Time Lapse – J Sun Alaias

A two minute demo of part of the shaping process for making an Alaia Surfboard. Visit for more info…

Music: “Pickup (Fourtet Mix)” Bonobo, Remixes [Disc 1]


Jason Andre says:

5-8 pounds

IGenerationI says:

where can you find paulownia wood in the u.s cut in planks and treated already

BigTolChicki says:

whats the thickness of the wood

Jason Andre says:

Get tung oil. It’s more readily available and works great!

Jason Andre says:

paulownia wood and linseed oil

Jason Andre says:

Not sure about maple. Any wood will technically work, just make sure it’s sealed well. Paulownia naturally resists soaking up saltwater and has the best strength to weight ratio. 3/4 will float well, but it will be heavy.

gabriel bay says:

What did you use to glaze it?

Jason Andre says:

Thanks. I’ve got a couple other vids in my feed you can check out…also my blog has lots of updates and the older stuff has a lot on the alaias.

Jason Andre says:

Not sure anymore

Nirvezz says:

How heavy is a board? Thats what im more curious about..

Morgan Gutierrez says:

how much does one particularly cost? i really want one

nic jac says:


Austin Killeen says:

do you think maple will work. 3/4 in. thick?

SBR Sportsbook Review says:

What kind of wood you using?

giant regrigerator says:

it takes a lot more than that trust me….

Jason Andre says:

PC-11 Marine Epoxy Paste

Nirvezz says:

I actually made one. But out of a different type of wood and not as thick. I sure received some small bruises on the arms and legs. One thing I liked about it was how everyone stays out of the way haha

Jason Andre says:

no joints. Kills the flex. Straight edge clamping

brokassqcislander says:

very nice work dude, are u pouring epoxy resin on there or oil? Hows she ride?? I will subscribe, I build hollows.

Jason Andre says:

Homegrown paulownia wood and the old clark foam planer…

Jason Andre says:

As many as you have patience for. the more the better. You’ll eventually have to retreat it if you use it alot and it stinks…I tried cutting it with turpentine 50/50 to increase drying time. But have since moved to tung oil. It dries faster and harder.

brokassqcislander says:

Impressive…I want to see more vids… got to love the alaia, controled slide in the pocket!!!
(la la). I am building a redwood alaia to play on….I hear they ride more like a snowboard than a surfboard, do you ride em? What are your impressions? How is the learning curve on these for other surfers used to longboards or shortboards with fins?

Jason Andre says:

raw linseed oil with a bit of turpentine. It never actually dries…and my wife says i smell like fish. It rides amazingly!!!

mcthorpie says:

could you not just use varnish? that would seal the wood right?

Jason Andre says:

I used to get them from SC and ordered a bunch so I haven’t needed to order in awhile, but he shut down. Not sure where to go now. You don’t want to treat it until it done…

Joshua acason says:

This is AWESOME!!!!! I want to make one so bad. What type of wood is this?

krusher74 says:

paulownia or cedar are good choices

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